Day 24

Fifth day in the Jungle.

So what’s life really like in the camp?

  • rats
  • separation of men and women&children
  • prostitution
  • heroin addiction
  • smugglers
  • more rats
  • fires
  • violence
  • and more rats

There are amazing people in the camp, and we’ve heard through them about the problems they’ve seen and things they’ve heard. It’s not something most people see on a day to day.

Most of the residents spend their days resting up for an attempt to be smuggled into the U.K. at night. Bruised & beaten, most come back. Although, we’ve heard that 2-3 die each night trying. What’s worse? Most of these guys have been running since they were teenagers and haven’t had a chance to live their lives yet. They’re stuck, and it gets harder each day to get out.



The French government is building a huge fence around the camp. Jungle? More like zoo. and it smells like one too.

Police are found around the camp on guard to catch anyone who tries to escape.

“Sometimes I wish I was black… the police can’t see black people.” – Afghani refugee, post his last month of nightly attempts to get into the U.K. 

After speaking with our new Afghani friend, he told us about his life. He used to live a life of luxury and now, he begs on the streets. He was a teen, homeless for over five months in the E.U. Every time we apologized for his situation, he would respond with a simple and common, “no problem.” Everyone here says it. “no problem.” They’re used to no one caring.

“One day I will have success. It’s a hard life. Difficult. Difficult. Never lose hope. My dream is to do something for my country and my people. Everybody used my country for their benefit. Not fair.”


got some great vids of the Jungle today. Fence, tents, and even a couple rats.

Despite all these terrible things, the spirit of the camp is hopeful and the men we’ve met have only treated us with kindness and respect, always trying to watch out for us. One guy only refers to Em as “Princess.” haha.

also great:

the brie and mousse. mmmmm. even got sugar coated, nutella stuffed, beignets at the local patisserie.


em&and, over&out.


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