Day 23

Patiently waited for our clothes to dry this morning. Even tried using hair dryers and radiators. Definitely took longer than expected.

Slightly damp, we headed to the Jungle knowing we’d only have a couple hours before having to come home for a conference call. Little did we know those two hours would be so powerful.

Today we made some new friends from Sudan and the U.K. We listened to our new Sudanese friends’ heartbreaking yet inspirational stories of their journeys to the Jungle. In their time of fasting (Ramadan) they graciously invited us into their makeshift patio for some chai. We felt so bad drinking in front of them, but they insisted. They even brought out their chairs, so we wouldn’t have to sit on the ground.

We were overcome with kindness and hospitality, again.

Our new friend from the U.K. gave us a stellar idea for an interview, and during filming, everyone was overcome by emotion by the powerful impact of his words. It’s as if the entire camp was silent for those few moments. (Stay tuned to watch in the documentary. It’s our favorite interview.)

It’s funny to think how stressed we were this morning that our clothes weren’t dry enough to go to the Jungle at the time we wanted, but we wouldn’t have met the people we met today. We can’t imagine not having sat with them and shared those pure moments.


One of the most amazing and beautiful days so far. We even saw the sun for the first time in France. whoop!


  • if you’re ever in Calais, hit up antoine on airbnb
  • we’ve never had a nicer shower
  • mmmm hot water & rainshowerhead
  • it’s the little things

FullSizeRender (11).jpg


em&and, over&out.


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