Day 22

“As-salamu ʿalaykum”

  • Muslim greeting in Arabic that means “Peace be upon you”

Happy first day of Ramadan!

The lively Jungle we’ve come to know in the last two days was quiet this morning as most of the residents spent the day sleeping and praying. The majority of the residents are Muslim and celebrating Ramadan, abstaining from food or drink during daylight hours.

Quick facts:

  •  the farther up north you go, the longer the days
  • refugees in the Jungle can spend up to 19 hours fasting
  • they need to save up as much energy as they can to make attempts to enter the U.K. possible

Walking through the camp had an eerie vibe today. Just not a lot of people out and about. However, we got to meet some new people today and hear and film stories.

Our favorite part about the Jungle is the shared respect for religious tolerance. We’ve seen a mosque filled with ornate rugs and a church held together by duct tape and hand-painted works of art. Built by the refugees themselves, these holy places are testaments to the power of faith. What a beautiful reminder that peace starts from within.


em&and, over&out.


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