Day 17

Leaving Lesvos… bittersweet.

Today was the perfect day. This morning we felt ready to leave for a new adventure, excited for the Jungle (the largest refugee slum in the E.U.)  Now we’re on our overnight ferry to Athens staring back at our lovely Lesvos, kinda wishing we could stay a little longer post our afternoon.

Finally got the time-lapse video of the Aegean we’ve been planning & had our last lunch at our fav restaurant. We also made four new friends today: 2 refugees (one from Sierra Leone & one from Gambia) & 2 Baylor Bears! What are the odds?

they cute.

We got to interview & film both refugees from Moria, which is always exciting! Not so exciting? The police brutality they’ve dealt with inside the camp. Both were injured & bandaged post protesting for equality in Moria. Syrian refugees tend to be treated better than everyone else. Fortunately, the refugees in the camps get along. The police? not so much.

Our guys from Sierra Leone & Gambia were the chillest, most down to earth dudes. It was like talking to old friends. Sad we left today & can’t hang with them later.
This afternoon broke our hearts. Physical pain. We were so upset. These two Palestinian sisters and their two children each graciously invited us to sit with them and through Google Translate we were able to communicate. These poor families had fled from Palestine to Syria then were bombed and had to flee to Greece. They were starving. They have no money. No place to call home. And they have little hope.

“Our trip was agony from Syria to Turkey. Our journey between the mountains and the valleys and river after midnight lasted for nine hours with six children in February and then continued from Turkey to Greece. We were 81 people and the boat can accommodate up to 40 people. So far we are in a purgatory. We are tired. I just want my kids to play and to learn.”

So much was shared in such a raw human conversation. We’ve never experienced such love and kindness. It was a beautiful way to end our time in Lesvos. We’ll never forget those kids’ faces. We said our tearful goodbye’s to these amazing people, grabbed our stuff & boarded the ferry.


em&and, over&out


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