Day 15

Blister bliss.

Fun day trying to pick out some music for our documentary. Forgot copyrights was a thing. Darn it, Adele.

“How much o’clock is it?” – anonymous habibti

Today we met two mothers with each of their two kids. One of the little girls asked us what time it was and started up a sweet convo. It was fun to see how siblings treat each other the same despite cultural differences. We even saw a makeup “Full House-like” hug.

Through broken Arabic, we found out that both families were Palestinian refugees who fled to Syria who then fled to Greece. Woah.

They hugged us and welcomed us in conversation, overflowing with kindness.

We wish we had a picture of their beautiful faces, but without our translator today we couldn’t properly explain our project. Many families who flee still have family members back home who’s lives would be threatened if their pictures were online. Not being able to explain Facebook face recognition technology to what could be a vulnerable family, we kept our cameras tucked away.

Grateful for meeting two great families today.

& our chaco/teva tans.


beach day tomorrow? Don’t worry, we won’t forget our sunscreen, Mami & Mom.


em&and, over&out


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