Day 14

Two weeks today since we’ve embarked on our journey to document the European Refugee Crisis.

A few things we’ve learned so far:

  • knowing Arabic or Kurdish or Turkish or any Middle Eastern dialect would have been pretty beneficial
  • broken politics, broken world
  • no one really knows everything that’s going on
  • some days you feel helpless … others ecstatic
  • spending an afternoon learning about the lives of refugees over tea is our favorite way to make new friends
  • sometimes going in for the culturally inappropriate hug can set off a bout of laughs

Although some of our points are negative, albeit some funny, they’ve made for lots of positive personal growth. We’re desperately trying to figure out what career or life plan is just right to fix demanding issues like the refugee crisis. How many people does it take to change this bad light bulb of an era?

Not many interviews today, again. But we’re eager to try again tomorrow!


patiently waiting to meet more refugees & share their stories

& frantically practicing what little Arabic we know.


em&and, over&out


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