Day 13

Met some new guys today from Senegal & Guinea today. Yay for the opportunity to practice our français before Calais.

Our two friends from Senegal were economic migrants. Does starvation get you asylum? Doesn’t seem so in Greece.

We asked our boy from Guinea why he came. “Ebola.”

ISIS or Ebola? What’s worse?

How do you rank cases? What’s more important: violence, illness, or poverty?

Just because someone makes it to Greece, doesn’t mean they have a chance at a better life. Detainment & deportation are high possibilities for economic migrants & frankly non-Syrian refugees.

Lots to think about today. Grateful for sharing stories, laughs, and thought-provoking ideas.

Saw our friend from Iraq as well. (pictured above) He loves selfies, laughs, and history. Even brought out his selfie-stick. What a hoot.


em&and, over&out


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