Day 11

Fun fact of the day:

  • octopus are tender because they’re repeatedly slapped against a rock.
  • fun to watch
  • not as fun to eat anymore

If you get sunburned in the same area, three times, is it a third degree burn? oops. that sun though.

Today we walked.

and we walked.

and we walked.

We walked all the way up the mountain & down it to Kara Tepe Camp. Then we walked to the port.

Not a lot of people spoke English today, so not too many interviews. We did get to meet a Palestinian family, though. The picture today is of our favorite two little girls. So sweet & kind. Friends of ours paid for each one in their family to have a sandwich. We haven’t seen food disappear so quickly. Despite being in a camp where food is provided, people like this family still go hungry. Lines can be too long and food can run out.

Note: Cultural appropriation of food is not only interesting but necessary.The food in the camps is not the food that these people are used to eating and is usually not prepared properly, causing hunger and sickness.

We’ve met people from Syria, Pakistan, Iraq, Iraqi-Kurdistan, Somalia,  & Palestine in the past week. Small island, big world.


5 full days left on the island. Hoping to meet more people and share their stories.


em&and, over&out




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