Day 10

Protest Day.

Tea in hand at our favorite cafe, we heard the protest before we saw it.

In the midst of recent internal incidents, Moria camp residents took to the streets of Mytilini. Marching down the main road by the port, refugees held up signs that read: “freedom,” “media plz help us,” “Moria is jail” and “we want to go to Athens.” Their chants for freedom were heard for miles.

We hope by sharing this video we took, their voices can be heard for better conditions in camps around the world, faster processing of documents, and family reunification.

“We are not terrorists. We want to go to Athens. Moria is jail.”


As if that wasn’t exciting enough, we had tea with Iraqi royalty today. Thanks to our translator friend, we were able to interview three refugees, two of whom carried extremely high positions back home. Humility at its finest.

We’re feeling grateful today for the opportunity of being in the right place at the right time with the right people to share these events.

Super hungry from the busy day- we may or may not have been back to our fav bakery for the third time in the last three days. owner loves us. mmmm spanakopita & chocolate mousse.


em&and, over&out


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