Day 8

Another day, another bus ride.

We have got to learn some Greek. Glad we could figure out Aerodromio means airport, which is close to our stop.

It was such a great day collecting stories & memories from three of the residents at Pikpa Camp: a father, a teacher, and a teen. #yaytranslators.

Although all three have different stories, all emphasized that all people, regardless of race or religion, are human.

Videos were pretty cool & different today: stay tuned for those more towards the end of our trip.

Missed the bus. Had to wait by the sea for an hour. ugh. darn.

Made a friend. He loved to sing and show off; what a funny guy. From seeing who could throw a rock the farthest into the sea and hearing his congratulatory “Bravo, my friends” when we threw them a short distance, it was a good way to unwind. Despite language barriers, he sat down with us & began sharing his experience of his attempts to cross from Turkey to Greece. He tried twice, and the second time, the boat capsized. He saved the lives of two children.

Today, we’ve heard stories of bombings, boats and borders.

It was awesome to see their passion for entrepreneurship and education, despite the circumstances.

19 years old. Pakistani refugee.

What does he do? Turns life jackets into bags. How cool is that?



Just ordered our bags!

Looking forward to tomorrow.


em&and, over&out


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