Day 6

Our first rainy day on the island.

But we figured out which bus to take to Kara Tepe Camp! Although we have no access into the camp, many refugees come & go regularly. So many “hellos” & “how are yous?” were exchanged today as we trucked on a rainy highway outside of the camp.

We couldn’t film with the weather today, but we got a couple pics of the debris covered shore near the camp. Life jackets and peoples’ life possessions that were washed up on the beach are a constant reminder of the lives they left behind and the difficulties that ensued on their journeys here to Lesvos.

The highway near Kara Tepe was covered in graffiti welcoming the refugees & condemning the new EU-Turkey Deal and Moria Camp.


Lots of regrouping & resting today for a fruitful tomorrow. Excited we found a church to attend in the morning to prepare us for the week ahead.

Hoping to meet more people tomorrow afternoon.



  • rain jackets are probably a good investment.
  • we’ve noticed our Moms are definitely texting each other immediately after talking to either one of us. it’s cute.
  • today is national costas day a.k.a. cherry cheesecake at our airbnb. glad our host has such a cool name. & great taste.
  • sometimes you just need to watch eat, pray, love to lift your spirits.
    • it’s working.


em&and, over&out


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