Day 5


“It’s Kalimera”


Lessons learned on the trip:

  1. Andrea can’t speak Greek.
  2. Emily is the only one who can read a map.
  3. Burgers are better in Lesvos. Sorry Texas.


Today was a great day. Yay for positive reinforcement. Encouragement is always needed, even when you’re in your twenties and think you have it all figured out. We don’t, and this trip has made that fact as clear as the Aegean Sea. Which, by the way, isn’t a bad view when you have to wait an hour after missing your bus from Pikpa camp.

Obviously having hard time adjusting to island life.

We received good news from Pikpa camp as filming will begin on Monday! Super excited to see what a GoPro, Canon Rebel, & two overeager International Studies majors can do in five hours.

Pikpa’s good vibes have sparked an outline for a self-created schedule. Who needs a syllabus when you have motivation? The next few days, we’ll be heading out to the port to talk to refugees: no arranged meetings, no forced intrusions. Just some casual chats to understand our fellow humans.

“humans are waiting to share their souls” – a local friend

looking forward to what tomorrow brings.

em&and, over&out



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