Day 4

long day.


Lots of meetings, sorting, & jet lag. (oops, forgot about that one).

What do you get when you put UNHCR, ERCI (Emergency Response Centre International), Red Cross, International Rescue Committee, Caritas, Doctors Without Borders, Save the Children, MercyCorps, Oxfam, Euro Relief, & United Rescue Aid together? An Inter-Agency Consultation Forum (ooo fancy). Yup. We met our Google searches in real life. (yahoo!)

But, for so many organizations, there isn’t enough organization.

After a few hours sorting donations at a warehouse, it was evident that although non-food items are always needed, communication & distribution of goods & education are definitely the keys to solving issues in the camps. Despite the efforts of these organizations (which are pretty extensive), it seems that politics always gets in the way.


Lots of exciting stuff in the works. Looks like our documentary is a go. We’ll find out more tomorrow.

Stay tuned!

em&and, over&out


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