Day 1

Andrea & Emily here: investigative journalists on the go – or so we hope! We’re on our way to Greece and later, France, to document and analyze the current refugee crisis.

As we take pictures and video clips, we will be collecting the stories and memories of these humans who are escaping persecution and are currently living in dismal accommodations across Europe. We plan to document and analyze how gender and age affect their perspective of their circumstances and how refugees from different politically unstable, war torn countries compare and contrast each other. We are also eager to study the role religion, race, ethnicity, economic/social background, personal history, and education level play in developing the outlook on their current situation. Follow our journey as we bring to light how refugees’ lives are examples of how hope, bravery and perseverance can carry a human out of conflict.

The Goodbyes:

  • Said bye to Mami & Papi and Mom & Dad
  • We think they have a secret groupme to stress together over our whereabouts.
  • it’s cool – we’re alive.

Flight 1:

  • 8 hours.
  • No sleep.
  • Note: KLM has amazing food and everyone should fly this airline just for the pasta.

Layover in Amsterdam:

  • Aw. 13 hours in the beautiful Amsterdam- whatever shall we do?
  • Canal tour, flower market, icebar, oh my!
  • Note: Amsterdam has amazing cheese and everyone should fly out to try Dutch Pesto Gouda. mmmm yum.
  • Spotted: overtly obvious tourist with a map twice her size – a.k.a Emily: our very own navigation expert.
  • P.S. check out the indoor park in Amsterdam’s airport (great for napping)

Flight 2:

  • 3 hours
  • Still no sleep.
  • Made a friend & fellow Lesvos volunteer!
  • arrived in Athens at 1:00 A.M. & passed out at our new fav. hotel: Oscar Athens Hotel or Athens Oscar Hotel or Hotel Athens Oscar. We don’t really know or remember. But it was great. Thanks, Stergios!



spot the tourists!

em&and, over&out


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